May, 2020

Vaccine and the Old Dog

This is Puff.  She’s old, achy and itchy.  There was a time when she never stopped. She ran up every hill.  She sniffed every available skunk and porcupine. She stood at the gate with a smelly wounded snout looking for a chance to do it again. She was always seeking. Always needing. Always in trouble.

 Today, Puff is steady. She sniffs the long grass.  She looks up the hill. She hurts when she walks yet she keeps going. Every step is a joyous challenge. Puff never complains. She sees trouble and watches it waddle away. Puff’s never been happier. Bursting with satisfaction she sniffs under logs and leaves. With determination she finds what she wants. She’s discerning. Dogged, she finds the rabbit den.

 There is an idea that discovery only comes with zest and desperation. But this energy is frantic and error filled. Discovery also comes with deep understanding of possibility, steadiness, and an ability to spot a path.

 As a realtor, I find that the behaviour of the old dog serves my clients better than does the young dog’s zest. Our new vaccine is on its way and it is being found by scientists who combine the boost of desire and the doggedness of discipline.

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