Jane de Pencier is your realtor advocate.

With Jane you are hiring an expert and you are adding to your personal team of advisors that you will accumulate and carry forward in a lifetime.

She understands the foundational items that establish the market value of your home and she has a keen eye to the aesthetic considerations that make your offers soar.

For the Buyer she has a nose for detail. She’s meticulous with inspections. She knows when bidding exceeds value. Experience informs her about the nuance of negotiations.


She has a background in negotiation and her first career involved selling ideas to CEOs – yes, ideas.  Selling an idea is the first step of all sales.  What is the essence of the property that makes it desirable? To understand this a person needs to understand the buyer. What motivates the buyer? Where does the buyer find value?

Understanding the flow of real estate requires an ability to see patterns in flux. Previous work took Jane  into the world of complexity science which involves studying method, variables and flux.  Flux appears like chaos, but it is in fact the  inventor of patterns.  The ability to see them forming is enormously helpful in all areas of life and particularly informs the flow of real estate.


Purchasing a home is a major financial decision. You need an experienced real estate advisor – one that you trust and for whom your needs are paramount.

Your first questions: What? When? Where?

What do you want? When do you want to move in? Where do you want to live?

We’ll meet, call zoom and talk about your plans.  Whether you’ve done this many times or it’s your first time, the questions are the same.

What do you want?  A condo or a house.  Old and quaint? Modern and slick?

Where? Are schools a consideration?  Every neighbourhood has a feeling. What do you want from yours? Do you want many nearby walkable shops and cafes, access to the subway, the beach, ravines?

Throughout this process we will review listings and discuss what is appealing. We’ll visit them. We’ll get to know each other and we’ll become a team that’s all working toward one goal…

Finding your best house at the best possible price.


The decision to sell can be a daunting one and people often delay past their best timing because of this.

So that’s your first step?


Suppose it can all be done simply, without a struggle and to your best financial advantage.  Is now the time?

What is the process?

We  first establish a now number of value. What would my house sell for today?  Then, if time has passed since our first meeting we go through this process again and establish your list price. It will be a strategic price compared to homes of similar quality and it will be designed to attract your best buyers.


The best Staging practices allow for a spectrum.

Sometimes a Seller wants all their personal items removed.  They want their art and furniture put in storage and they offer the house as an impersonal slate in order to protect their things and privacy.

For others, simply a deep clean, touch up painting, removing photographs and paring down personal items and extra furniture will suffice.

We offer recommendations, and an option and range of professionals to help you.  You choose your comfort level.


Your home will be professionally photographed. Highlights of your interior and exterior will be brought forward for the Buyers’ delight.  Whether we choose 3D walkthrough photography, video, stills or all of the above it will be done at the highest level of quality.

Social Media is key and we will maximize these avenues.  For some houses traditional media is still most effective. Is your house in need of international marketing? Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate is the gateway to your worldwide audience.

Exposure – Maximum – Targeted – Strategic

The Christie’s Advantage

Buyers move to Toronto from all part s of the world.

They may not know any of the local real estate companies but they do know the name Christie’s.

Christie’s is recognized around the globe. It stands for trust, expertise and excellence.

Selecting a Realtor who is affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate aligns your home with the world’s global real estate network of 138 affiliates in 48 countries.


  • You differentiate your home from competing properties.
  • You are “best in class” of housing in Toronto.
  • Exposure to a worldwide audience of home Buyers.
  • Christie’s Worldwide reach is allows us to feature your home in the World’s major cities and in all Provinces of Canada:
  • Your home will appear in the following websites connected with Christies: – WSJ.com, Europe.wsj.com, Asia.wsj.com, India.wsj.com, Mansion Global (English), Mansion Global (Chinese), Mansion Global (Spanish), Count y Life, Propgoluxury.com (US and Asia), NYTimes.com (Top 30 property listings per Affiliate, plus all properties enrolled in the Bespoke Marketing and Signature programs) , NYTimes China, Financial Times, Zaobao.com (Asia)



Jane sourced and negotiated partnerships for properties serving the public: from health to sports to the arts. She built alliances for opera productions and international photographic exhibitions, for educational television and public performances. She created and sold concepts to CEOs for the marketing and branding of their companies.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Curious Case of Innovation

She was Writer-in-Residence with an innovation think-tank based at Massey College and was commissioned to write a book for them on the topic of innovation. What is innovation? How do we know it when we see it? She established a consultancy, spawned by work with the think-tank and began studying and sharing expertise about complexity and social systems.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Curious Case of Innovation is a refinement of Jane de Pencier’s first innovation study, Innovation Soup.

The author looks at the quest for innovation in the panoramic world of healthcare and finds an informative commonality in all innovative ventures. Entertaining, witty and a conversation starter, Down the Rabbit Hole takes readers on a journey they don’t expect in the world of innovation thinking.

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