June, 2020

Plant the Magic Beanstalk

The first thing I do every morning is check the sprouts in my front window. Today they were wilted and fallen.  I need to water!

Every morning I search the soil for any sign of new bent pink stems pushing out of the soil.  Fifteen percent of the seeds didn’t germinate. Did I plant them too deep? Did I over water?  Is there a chance that pod didn’t get a seed at all? Is this typical? Is there a problem with the seed, the type of seed? I need to try again with different variables.

It’s really a great success rate. Imagine if 85% of everything we try is successful?  With these results we should try more difficult things. We should try things that seem impossible. The good news is many people: artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, parents and pandemic busters do this with every breath, and this is the seed of discovery.

So, let’s keep taking on the tougher stuff and plant the magic beanstalks.

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