October, 2021

Does Fall Predict Winter?

Buyers continue to search for their new home amid limited supply.

Sellers fear crossing the divide to become Buyers. Where will we go? What if we sell and can’t find something?

The market is in a state of tension that shows no sign of abating.

Global economic predictions for the winter fly red flags:  shifting global alliances, supply chain gridlock and the Russian gas monopoly build anxiety.  Thomas Friedman of the New York Times posts a warning.

However,  the bottom line: people need a home and sometimes they need a new home…now. People move for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes those are job related but mostly they are sociological and that’s just human stuff that will ever be.

The population of Toronto and the predicted population keeps values strong.  Will Toronto buck global pressures?

Everyday in Toronto Buyers find homes and Sellers move on.  It’s still happening.  It’s happening happily – with both Buyers and Sellers elated. Be patient. Look at the metrics.  Consider a house’s liveability and practical components. Give value to your aesthetic considerations. Then, let your decisions follow.


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