January, 2022

Downtown Office

As a realtor I get to hear your thoughts.

This is one of the more surprising benefits of daily life in real estate. It is the opportunity to learn what people are thinking. I’m referring to the ruminations that come with time spent together. These are the thoughts that bubble up on the spin bike or as you wait in line at the grocery. These are like the discussions that happen at the office before and after the formal meetings begin.  These are even the musings between the shampoo and the conditioner.

Mid to upper-level executives are expressing a desire to bring people back to the downtown core. Companies recognize they are losing the corporate culture.  Creative problem solving has become handicapped. Loyalty to the team that builds with day-to-day interactions has become a forlorn soul. Great ideas that surface between the meetings are breaking into mist. The hustle of the downtown energy is no longer feeding the company’s collective brain.

The Job has become more transactional with the stay-at-home worker.  Your employer is feeling left out and under-appreciated.  The Job wants a relationship. It wants to see you care. You want home and work balance? The Job wants work and home balance too.

The office wants you back.

(Photo by Annie Spratt)

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