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Digging Out a Basement

My Basement Ceiling is Too Low

UNDERPINNING - Also known as "digging out a basement" is one of the great mysteries of Toronto real estate. People continually suggest to a buyer: " You could dig out the basement." or " If you just did some'd have nanny suite" etc. What does it all mean? How is it priced? Underpinning is priced by the linear foot or by the "pin". It seems strange. The layperson usually thinks in terms of the volume of soil removed below the house, but the pricing is really about the process involved. Julie Crochetierre of Waterfront Home Improvements is an expert in underpinning having done it time and again for clients throughout the city. In this video Julie explains how it's done. You'll understand the pricing by linear foot after you've seen this, and you'll see it's both straight forward and a big job - requiring a team. The benefits to a city house are enormous. Julie can be reached via her website

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Buy a House

Lawyer Ryan Martin Founding Partner of Aura LLP speaks with Jane de Pencier about the lawyer's role in closing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. See Ryan's contact info below.

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